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XVSR-054 is my second Ayano Nana sub. In which she is a nurse working at a hospital ward. The patients staying in the hospital get stunned by Nana-chan looks and embark themselves into a quest to fuck the nurse

Not only we sub. Our fansub translates, syncs, and corrects directly from Japanese from scratch, and manually.

With this said, I noticed a proliferation of autosubs around namely from Chinese sources. Whoever can do whatever he wants and it’s a free world (or at least, it should be). But if something I have learned is that we prefer quality over quantity.

Creators and the people who put the time deserve to be rewarded accordingly (Yes, including Japanese studios, which I legit recommend to everybody to buy from them from time to time, even I don’t agree with their crappy DRM system).

[XVSR-054] (English subbed) The Sudden Nurse Call-Nana Ayano

[XVSR-054] (English subbed) The Sudden Nurse Call-Nana Ayano