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I enjoyed this JAV movie a lot and it has to be one of the best from this year, at least judging from the story side. It’s even more impressive if we think that it’s an original story and not an adapted script.

The level of effort in this movie is just insane. There’s quality in every aspect and it shows that they put a lot of effort into this production. Directed by Easy Matsumoto, I liked the director’s job a lot, and he used a few artistic tricks in key moments during the movie that worked nicely.

The leading actors Yuna & Takeda did really well and they nailed their respective roles. It also features 3 well-known male actors as extras in support of the main actors.

The sex scenes are very harsh and Yuna gets rekt big time, but that was meant to be and I liked that the sex scenes work in favor of the plot.

[STARS-248] (English subbed) No Call No Show College Girl Fuck

[STARS-248] (English subbed) No Call No Show College Girl Fuck