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The movie is based on a doujin named “肉女医” (Slave female doctor). Where Sae (Julia) gets manipulated by her once-respected Father-in-law, to supposedly save her beloved sister. In turn, Sae gets to discover her own masochist nature and she falls into pleasure.

I haven’t watched the original doujin but it’s amazing how much Julia resembles the Sae from the comic. She looks amazing and she achieves that “anime-girl” feeling so well. She is also the best thing about this movie because the acting was god-awful and the story was quite bad.

Other than that, at minute 01:47:12 an unscripted moment happens, when Julia coughs when a guy did cum in her boobs. Her semen aversion is well-known, but we can say that in recent years she has been doing much better.

[PPPD-354] (English subbed) The Slutty Female Doctor. The Beautiful

[PPPD-354] (English subbed) The Slutty Female Doctor. The Beautiful