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Sumire Mizukawa is married to an extremely hardworking husband and things are going well for them. However, one day the husband passes away in a tragic traffic accident.

The husband’s shady Brother, Takashi-san, desired Sumire all along and he sees the passing of his Brother as the perfect opportunity to finally make a move on her. So while still mourning and in front of the dead husband, he offers his monetary help and support to the young widow. Who is a bit overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to say. The Brother takes that as a “good-enough yes” and jumps on her on the spot anyways.

They then start fucking in front of the dead husband photo. Now, that’s a rough week for the dead dude. Also curious to notice that Sumire-chan still feels some loyalty to the dead husband. And she feels uncomfortable betraying him and even insulting him by fornicating right there in front of the portrait.

[JUY-535] (English sub) I Was Fucked In Front Of My Dead Husband’s Photo

[JUY-535] (English sub) I Was Fucked In Front Of My Dead Husband’s Photo