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Ririko Kinoshita is married but things have not been going well. The husband spends a lot of time away from home, supposedly gambling in pachinko parlors and Ririko doesn’t feel appreciated.

One day, the husband suddenly tells her that an acquaintance of his, Mr. Ozawa, will be living in the house for some time.

At first, she feels surprised but then she quickly begins to enjoy the company of Ozawa, since she now has someone to talk with and someone to keep her company. Also, Ozawa is a very strong contrast in personality compared to her husband and she begins to enjoy that.

The video is pretty nice. The characters are so vivid and well defined. Also, Ririko is fairly pretty and has such an amazing ass.

[JUL-359] (English subbed) Exclusive With Ririko Kinoshita!

[JUL-359] (English subbed) Exclusive With Ririko Kinoshita!