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Plot: Karen is working as an office lady and she has this one boss who behaves in strange ways. One day at the office she hands him over some papers and he stains her with some mysterious liquid on purpose. She pretends as if nothing happened but she is very disgusted to imagine that it could be semen.

What actually happens is that this perverted boss has totally lost it and is obsessed with Karen. He strongly believes that smearing his semen over Karen will mark her like an animal, and he can finally own her.

Conclusion: The positives: Karen. The OL attires are amazing. The sex action is very good. The screenplay is very good too.
The not so good: The story has a lot of intention but lacks depth, also this actor was way over the top and cartoony. He did a bit better in the second-half though.

In any case, the real reason to watch this is Karen Kaede and she was stunning in that pantyhose, the blowjob scenes are really juicy too.

[IPX-534] (English subbed) Her Boss Was Creepier Than Death

[IPX-534] (English subbed) Her Boss Was Creepier Than Death

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