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SSNI-496 has a rather substantial and enjoyable story with plenty of fine details. Superb acting by the main male lead Toru Ozawa, who is pretty familiar to this type of role: “Smart but evil Stepdad”.

Aika Yumeno has been around too and she delivered truly charismatic acting without much issue. Even the husband did a very correct acting job, even he was just there to get cucked.

On the plot, Aika Yumeno is this young wife whose Stepdad is a borderline alcoholic. Dad not only loves to drink, but he also has a great “passion” for life. All the contrary than the son, who is a rather “weak” dude who cannot handle alcohol at all.

Aika Yumeno adapted herself to be like the son, but soon she is made to realize that her true nature is not like that.

The intro lasted like 12 minutes it was very good.  We had plenty of similar plots in the past, but this time was delivered in a subtle way and everything felt very organic. For example, the blackmail happened because Stepdad had a reason to, and Aika lost her mind because like I said before, it was her true nature.

The sex scenes are semi-rough, and Aika was really into them which makes them even better, or in other words, loved the effort. The camera work was good and the production really nice.

(English subbed) Succumbing To My Father-in-law

(English subbed) Succumbing To My Father-in-law