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Nanami Misaki is engaged and arranging her wedding plans, and the husband feels curious about why she doesn’t want to invite her stepfather to the wedding. But she is reluctant to even speak about it.

One day, the stepfather suddenly appears in the house on a random visit. Nanami tries to keep her composure but she can hardly hide anymore that she completely hates this guy. They have a lot of baggage from the past and she can’t stand him. As the Stepfather is the type of dude she despises the most: a rude and very straightforward type, very different from her actual husband, who is very mellow…

Overall, is a pretty good video and good acting by Misaki Nanami. She is a fantastic actress and I’m glad she is finding success in her career.


[ATID-440] (English subbed) He Was The Worst Kind Of Human Being

[ATID-440] (English subbed) He Was The Worst Kind Of Human Being