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Arisawa Misa is married to Takashi but he has had enough and he wants to get a divorce. Misa is forced to leave the house and the husband and she doesn’t take this lightly.

Sometime later the husband remarries with Oda Mako and this news arrives at Misa’s ears who has been stalking the husband.

Eventually, the husband is away on a business trip and the ex-wife Misa pays a visit to the current wife Mako.

It’s a very powerful acting performance by Arisawa Misa, and by Oda Mako who did nicely too. Don’t mess with the wrong lady, lads.

[ATID-279] (English subbed) My Wife Was Fucked By My Ex-Wife

[ATID-279] (English subbed) My Wife Was Fucked By My Ex-Wife